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Marks and their default values

Leave allowed emails field blank if any user can take this test.
Enter all the eligible emails (if any) separated by commas, only these will be able to take this test.
If you want users with only particular domain (e.g. user1@yourdomain.com) to take test, enter *yourdomain.com
along with any number of other wildcard emails or regular emails.
Tests which are secured can only be taken on allowed devices. You have to create sessions with the Dash Tests app,
(The same way you use web WhatsApp). Use secure tests when you want to conduct tests on your own computers in a test center or lab.
Leave the checkbox unchecked if you want the test to be taken from any device (e.g. Organising quiz in class,
where students can use their own devices or ability to take test remotely.)

Get started

This guide will walk you through the standard workflow inside Dash Test portal.
Make sure your students or users have a Dash.management account with a verified email.
To give a test or quiz, they don't need the Dash mobile app.
(Estimated reading time : 5 mins)


1. Visit New test tab.
2. Enter question and options.
To add a subjective question, don't add any options. Objective type questions must have at least 2 option.
3. (Optional) Click choose image if you want to add an image with that question.
Prefer PNG images instead of JPEG because PNG images take less space and will load much faster.
4. When done, click ADD button to add that question to the test. Add other questions similarily.
5. Choose the correct options by clicking them. Created answer key will be securely saved.
6. Enter test name and (optionally) rules. Rules will be visible to the students or user before starting a test.
7. Click create test.
8. Now, this test will be added to created tab. You can share the link of created test which is secured and won't be visible until you launch that test.


1. Visit Created tab.
2. Choose a test you want to launch and click LAUNCH.
Test will now be visible in Ongoing tab.
3. Once you launch the test, students or users will be able to access the test securely through the link with their Dash.management account.
4. Students or users must verify their email before giving the test (for security purpose).
5. Students or users can submit their Roll number, name, team name or any kind of alias in the given field while saving or submitting their responses.


1. Visit Ongoing tab tab.
2. Choose a test you want to launch and click TERMINATE.
Students or users will no longer be able to submit their responses or view questions on the test portal.
3. Terminated test will be visible in Created tab.


1. Visit Created tab.
2. Choose a test you want to evaluate and click EVALUATE.
3. Result will be evaluated and shown in a prompt window.
Optionally, you can download the result as a PDF file.
Result will sorted by rank.




You are going to delete

All data belonging to this test including responses will be deleted.


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